Congratulations to our first “Nice Milers”












As part of our progression into winter swimming we have introduced a “Nice Mile” into our training plan.

The Nice Mile is a one mile swim under 10ºc wearing one swim cap, one pair of goggles and a standard swimming costume [no wetsuits].

This Saturday saw the water at Hatfield drop below 10ºc, so we’re very proud to announce that the following swimmers have just completed their Nice Mile in water temperature of 9.8ºc.

Nice Milers –

Chris Greenwood

Tom Gascoigne

Jacqui Hargrave

Jonty Warneken

Janice Taylor

Phil Jackson


We are hoping these will be the first of many “Nice Miles” at Hatfield in the run up to the Ice Mile season.

If you would like to complete a Nice Mile our sessions are on Saturdays, starting at 9am at Hatfield and 2pm at Thrybergh.

You must have a proven record of winter swimming and all attempts are at the discretion of SYS. Alternatively you can ask your winter swimming coach to verify your distance and temperature and we’ll add you to the list of “Nice Milers”.