Winter Swimming

winterswimclub-2015The swimyourswim (SYS) team continue swimming throughout the seasons, we don’t stop when the water gets cold… Over the years we have developed the experience required to train and coach those wishing to enter the world of winter or cold-water swimming, and now run regular cold-water swimming sessions throughout the winter months.

In 2013, Leon Fryer and Alistair Beattie, SYS lead coaches, became the 64th and 65th (respectively) people to successfully achieve an Ice Mile.  An Ice Mile, swimming one mile (1.6km) in water under 5ºC without wetsuit, is an extreme and elite undertaking – and not one that should be done without the proper training, experience or safety team.

Over the last 9 years the SYS team have been involved in coaching and supporting over 102 Ice Miles.

Like all elite endurance sports, ice- or cold-water swimmers need to begin with good foundational basics which in this case demands that cold-water acclimatisations techniques are taught in environments where safety is paramount.

If you are interested in winter and ice swimming please talk to one of our coaches at any of our swim venues.