Who we are…

Swimyourswim is a family.  We exist to enable all swimmers, regardless of age, ability or experience to get into open water and enjoy swimming whatever their goal (or non-goal) might be.  Our motto is simply ‘YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR HONOUR’, so if you have a swimming goal we’d love to see you achieve it, and if you want to ‘just’ enjoy the water, then we are here for you to have a safe and successful swim.


Yeah - he hates having his photo taken!

Leon Fryer


Alistair Beattie

Some have called us the Laurel & Hardy of open water swimming, and whilst we thrive on having fun together, and making the most of life, we are passionate about getting everyone into open water swimming, safely and securely.  Together Alistair Beattie and Leon Fryer formed an encouraging team whose goal is to enable YOU to swim YOUR swim.