Thrybergh Country Park, Rotherham

Swimyourswim run open water swimming sessions at Thrybergh Country Park, Rotherham at the following times:

Saturday afternoon from 2-3pm ( Winter, October – March ) 

Wednesday from 5-8pm (Summer, April – September)

Saturday afternoon 2-4pm ( Summer Time ) 

The SYS reception will be open half an hour before the session start time – to swim you need to be a member of SYS (which is free – you just need to fill in a form).  Swims cost £5.50 per session.

Thrybergh has a short and long course – 200m and 800m respectively.

We allow swimmers to swim in wetsuits and ‘skins’ (i.e. just your swimming costume) but you must be able to demonstrate your swim competence and experience.  All swimmers will be asked to swim a test route before being allowed onto the longer course.

Children from the aged of 8 can swim with SYS – as long as they can demonstrate a good swim technique and are accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a competent swimmer themselves.

Wetsuits are able to be hired through our website – we advise that you book before the session to avoid disappointment.  To hire a wetsuit at Thrybergh CLICK HERE

We do NOT recommend using sports/kayaking/wind-surf wetsuits as these are NOT designed for swimming.  SYS uses swimming wetsuits – specifically designed for swimming.  Swimmers wearing sports wetsuits will be restricted to the short course.

All swimmers MUST wear a bright swim cap so our safety team can easily sport you – ORANGE, BRIGHT GREEN, or YELLOW.  (White caps are not good as they often look like waves on the lake!)

SYS also run our Introduction to Open Water Swimming course – the iTOWS course at Thrybergh on Saturday afternoons.  For more information about the iTOWS course please click here

SYS are pleased to announce a partnership with Aqua Sphere with whom we are able to hire and sell swimming wetsuits. To hire a wetsuit at Thrybergh click here

Swimming in Open Water with SYS is easy to book…  If you are new to swimming with us you just need to complete a MEMBERSHIP FORM by clicking the NEW MEMBERS button below:

If you have already completed a MEMBERSHIP FORM with us, then you can book your swim session on our WIX SPACES site using the EXISTING MEMBERS button below:

Once you are a member you can download the WIX-Spaces app on your mobile device to book your swims on the go!!! Click here for more information.