Don’t Blink……

What a day, we’re just on the cusp of losing the winter temps so it was a relief today when the thermometers were switched on and read 3.6ºC. The main reason being we had four swimmers booked in to attempt an ice mile, three of whom had travelled a fair distance to join us.


The first swimmer away was Caroline Esme who’s smile was almost as large as Phil Clayton’s. Caroline had a superb swim completing her ice mile in in 28.30 (str).

Our second swimmer was Oliver Downing who achieved a very respectable 1400m before calling it a day. Oliver recovered well and we’re sure he will be back next season after earning a well deserved rest after a busy winter swimming schedule.

Next away was James Leitch who had travelled down from Scotland this morning, a journey well worth making in our opinion. James completed his mile in an amazing time of 23.06 (str), given the toll that freezing cold water takes on your body that’s a pretty impressive time, in fact James, once ratified, will become the second fastest UK ice miler and the 7th fastest International ice miler. Well done James we’re very proud to have hosted your swim today.


Our last Ice mile attempt was by Andrew Ainge ( Mr Giraffe, who very kindly supported the IISA Championships with his custom buffs ). Andrew had a great but tough swim, completing his mile in   40.15 (str). Andrew was last seen leaving the building looking for venues to complete an ice zero.


Our thanks as always to the amazing safety and recovery teams. Awesome as always.


64 miles and counting …