3 Peaks 3 Lakes Challenge (ok 1 Loch )

A long long time ago the wonderful Caroline Saxon sat down and said she had a challenge in mind to complete the three peaks AND three lakes ( ok again, 2 lakes and 1 loch ) challenge, and would we be interested in covering the water safety element for her and the superb team consisting of Laura Nesbitt, Lars Abrahams and John Myatt, the answer was a very definite yes.

This weekend saw them complete the challenge in style.

We were all in awe of their stamina, determination and ability to deal with atrocious conditions to get them through to the end. Caroline is much more eloquent than me so I’ll leave the last words to her with my everlasting thanks for the invite…..


Carolines post on social media..

We completed our massive 3 Peaks & 3 Lakes Challenge at 8.15am this morning. 

We were pioneers of this first event and I am super stoked to have completed this with the support and organisation of my incredible friends Martyn Paul from Advocate Events and Leon Fryer at Swimyourswim.

No team is successful without their crew. Our crew comprised of the awesome Mountain (but mostly van) Martyn, Mountain Chris, Chief boat brain Leon Fryer, Boat Nick, Mountain Ben, the Captain Joe Thomas, Mountain Rob, Boat bosses Chris Hill and Mike Bullivant plus the one and only bus, mountain and boat Sandy Abrahams. THANK YOU!!!! We could not be a team without you.

I’m super proud that as a team we smashed it but as a wider team we absolutely nailed it and thank you to my 3P3L brains for trusting my daft itinerary. I had faith, thank you for having faith in me. You absolutely did us proud.

Please check in on your friends‘ mental health. We all have mountains to climb, sometimes the deepest darkest lakes to cross. Some of us need our hands holding or boats steadying, in order to make it.

Please check in on your friends, or if you feel that way yourself, please call Samaritans 116 123.

Remembering Daniel, Markus, Martin, Han, Kelly and Kyle 🧡 🧡