Chris Bailey 24 Challenge – Team 1 is FULL



A huge thank you to everyone that has volunteered for next weekends 24 challenge, we have filled all of the slots for team 1 and have now started on team 2. If you want to get involved and help us raise money for Chris and his family please comment below and grab a slot. Entrance fee is £10, you can do any exercise you want for your hour, take the kids or dog for a walk or get on the bike, even go for a run if you’re weird and enjoy that sort of thing.

Every penny raised will be greatly appreciated.



0.00 Leon
1.00 Andrew Bowmer
2.00 Bob Hudson
3.00 Jane  Crosby
4.00 Bob Hudson
5.00 Delia Higgins
6.00 Chris Greenwood
7.00 Jane  Crosby
8.00 Fiona Mcdonald Woods
9.00 Angela Davison
10.00 Mike Bullivant
11.00 Jane Mintoft
12.00 Serena Knightson
13.00 Joe Thomas
14.00 Susan Thomas
15.00 Sarah Farrar
16.00 Barbara Heyes
17.00 Andy Farrar
18.00 Lisa Donald
19.00 Julie Taylor
20.00 Claire Poole
21.00 Jonty Warenken
22.00 Sarah Marks
23.00 Caroline Sims
24.00 Finish – Zoom Meeting to celebrate