Windermere 2017 – Thank You

Windermere 2017 has been an amazing year for SwimYourSwim.

We’ve seen our first two way swimmer Tracy Mistry complete a magnificent 21 miles in the water.

We have accrued a grand total of 598.5 Windermere swimming miles by our solo and pod swimmers. Twenty of them braved the 17/18ºC water wearing just their swimming costumes with the remaining 37 completing the 10.5 mile swim in a wetsuit.

Nicola Naunton’s swim will be remembered by us for the unexpected visit from Steven the blue whale, who knew there were blue whales in Windermere! (lets hope he visits us again in 2018).

You’ve all been amazing in supporting our swimmers fund raising efforts and we thank you. You have helped raise thousands of pounds for some very worthy charities and individuals which will make a real difference to everyday lives.

Cancer charities, baby care units, hospices, heart screening units and rehabilitation centres are amongst some of the charities that are better off this year thanks to your support.

Everyones swims are special to us, they each come with a back story that few get to know about and watching the swimmers we’ve escorted down the lake finish their swims at Ambleside can be very emotional.

On more than one occasion Alistair and myself have been caught out by strong winds at the end of the swims, which have made our eyes water ( I’ve now got to brief the next boat support team that what happens on the lake stays on the lake).

The ability to be able to provide the support for our swimmers is only possible with the help of the amazing team we have to help us, to them we would like to say a special thank you, you’re all amazing, yes Rocky even you.

So with only 3 more swimmers in 2017 (don’t worry guys we’ve booked the weather for you)  we’re looking forward to Windermere 2018 which is looming ever closer.

The dates will be released for the solo and pod swims very soon and we would love for you to join us.


See you in the water.