BIG 50 for SwimYourSwim


Today saw the SwimYourSwim team bring our 48th, 49th and 50th ice mile swimmers home safe and sound in 3.9ºC water (STR)


First away was the cuddly Kiwi David Coleman, who successfully completed his second Ice Mile with us in 37.28s followed by fellow T.W.A.T.S Penny Felton in 41.21 and our eagerly awaited 50th ice mile from Amy Hayes in 35.51s.


To celebrate this massive milestone in GB Ice mile history we’ve created a new ICESWAM T-shirt which will be available to order on Monday for only £10. (available to all winter swimmers)


A massive thank you to all the SYS team both in and out of the water, you’re the best.


Lastly we would like to say a huge well done to Shaun Hales, who also swam a mile today but ran out of energy just before the exit. He’s one of the nicest winter swimmers we’ve had the pleasure to meet. When you’re ready Shaun we’d love to see you again, last year dapper swimmer, this year Russian Cossack, please, next time come as a Viking!