90 Ice Miles…..

This weekend saw two amazing swimmers complete their IISA Ice Miles (subject to ratification) with us at DCLT’s Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre in Doncaster.

With the air temperature being an unseasonably warm 8.1ºC (increasing later to 16ºC on our way home) we were all concerned that the water would tip over the magic 5ºC, luckily the lake is deep so we managed to squeeze in with a near perfect 4.5ºC.

First swimmer in was Andy Butler ( of checking in for a coffee with Eileen fame) who completed an 800m circuit before calling the swim. We look forward to welcoming Andy back soon to complete his Ice Mile, not least for the chance of a slice of that fantastic chocolate cake.

Next swimmer in was Allison Cuthbertson a fellow member of the Ice Warrior swimming group from Hull. Allison completed her mile in 57m.53s and once ratified Allison becomes their first Ice Miler, well done Allison, fantastic swim and an even better recovery.

Next swimmer away and fresh from her first Ice Mile at Andark lake last weekend, was Helen Smith. Helen was accompanied by her sister Hayley, who was acting as Helen’s support and driver for the day. Hayley just had enough time to get in and enjoy a lap around the short course before getting out to look after Helen.

Helen completed her swim in 44m.19s,. We look forward to seeing you both in Scotland.

With the running order being chosen totally at random it fell to Helen to be our potential 90th Ice Mile, after a successful swim the only thing that was left to do was to complete the draw for our 100th Ice Mile slot in March.

Helen was asked to choose a number between 1 and 83 and selected her birthday number of 27. Now this may smack of collusion and a set up, but there was no prior discussion between Helen and myself before the draw, it was just a complete fluke that our 27th Ice Mile attempt was completed by our very own Ally Howard , (I am relieved beyond words that 2 wasn’t chosen).

Ally, who despite her scepticism, has accepted the challenge and will be completing our 100th Ice Mile attempt in March, so watch this space.

Congratulations also go to Maria Brennan who completed her STA winter swimming CPD course yesterday, it was a pleasure having you with us.

Just as a footnote and in case the confusion hasn’t been settled, SYS only undertake solo attempt Ice Miles, that means that each attempt is an individual swim with dedicated boat support, bankside water safety and a highly trained recovery team for after the swim. We do not host ice mile events, so if you have booked your swim with us your attempt is unaffected within the new IISA rule changes, which we fully support.

Our thanks as always goes to the army of volunteers that make these swims possible.

10 more miles and we can have a lay in folks.

In addition a special thank you to all of the “normal” whatever that is, winter swimmers, you make the place buzz with your chatter (although certain conversations would make a navvie blush, Rev) and support, you make our Saturdays, thank you.