Marathon Event Season Is Almost Here…

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Here’s an ideal training opportunity for you longer distance swimmers and if you want to push your limit a bit more we have the 26.2, in addition if you don’t fancy swimming during the night you can start with the 26.2 swimmers and do your 12 hr swim in daylight… our two endurance events are planned in June and are running alongside each other, you can either choose the 12hr event or the ultimate and unique 26.2, one mile on the hour for 26 hours. Held at DCLT’s Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre in Doncaster they’ll be ample parking, on site cafe and changing rooms, along with a rewarming and rest area.

Each distance can be completed as a solo swimmer or a pair.

Events starts on Friday 21st June and finish on Saturday 22nd.

Camping available via

For more information and to book your place click on the appropriate link below –

12hr Solo – Click Here

12hr Pair – Click Here

26.2 Solo – Click Here

26.2 Pair – Click Here

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