Christmas Party 2021



A very festive thank you to everyone that joined us last Sunday for our celebration of all things swimming, especially given the extra precautions we had to put in place to make the event as safe as possible for everyone attending.

To recap on the awards presented ….

Most Improved Swimmer 2021 – Louisa Paintin

Nautical Hero Award 2021 – Joe Thomas

Windermere Haddock Award 2021 – Jacqui Hargrave.

Nautical Numpty Award 2021 – Ally Howard

Resilience Award Award 2021 – Laura Cawley

SYS Appreciation Award 2021 – Chris Hill

The Jill Hughes Inspiration Award 2021 – Kate Steels for completing the Ice 7’s challenge.

The Carol Lord Achievement Award 2021 – Caroline Saxon, Laura Nesbitt, John Myatt and Lars for their 3 peaks 3 lakes challenge.

Nautical Nausea Award 2021 – Andrea Stark

A special belated mention to Richard Powell, Andrea Stark, Jonty Warneken and Jacqui Hargrave for completing their Swimyourchannelswim English Channel team relay crossing.

Presentations and thanks to all our amazing volunteers who made 2021 possible, here’s to a less stressful 2022!

Enjoy the pic’s kindly provided by Richard Davis, who I hope you’ll agree did a superb job.

( due to the amount of pictures we’ve had to reduce the image sizes, if you would like a full size copy I’m happy to forward it on, just email me at