Merry Christmas from Swimyourswim

Have a fantastic Christmas from us all at Swimyourswim, we look forward to seeing you on Boxing Day or New Years Day if you’ve signed up for a seasonal dip, if not we wish you peace and happiness and we look forward to seeing you all  again in 2021.

We received this checklist in one of our Christmas orders and thought it was too good not to share –

Self Kindness Daily Checklist

Have I drank enough water today?

Have I got up and moved my body?

Have I been outside?

Have I taken a moment to pause and breathe?

Have I eaten three good meals today?

Did I get enough sleep last night?

Have I laughed out loud today?

How long have I spent on my phone?

Have I done something to make someone else feel good ?

One last addition from Jane is apparently, “have I suppressed the urge to kill Leon today”?

Merry Christmas.