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Open Water Swimming

Endurance Festival

Sunday 5th May 2019

SwimYourSwim are pleased to announce a brand new open water endurance festival taking place on Sunday 5th May 2019 at Thrybergh Reservoir in Rotherham. The festival will provide individuals (wetsuit and non-wetsuit with the opportunity to take part in a day of open water swimming.

There will be three events to choose from;

  • *6 Hour swim (EC Qualifying swim – subject to temperature)
  • *2 Hour swim (EC Qualifying swim (Relay) – subject to temperature)
  • 2 Hour night swim

*please note a qualification swim is only valid for non-wetsuit swims, completion of this event however is valid wetsuit and non-wetsuit.

To complete any of these endurance events you must swim continuously, there will be contingency for deep water feeds. This challenge is only available to individuals but with the popularity of the event please note there will be several swimmers in the water at the same time.

Whether swimming wetsuit or non-wetsuit please do not underestimate the magnitude of these challenges. You must be very competent and experienced in open water swimming, cold water management and endurance events.

This event will be led and overseen by Leon Fryer – Co Founder & Lead Coach of SwimYourSwim Ltd.

Overview of event requirements:

Please read this entire document before committing yourself to taking part in these events. The following bullet points are the ones we want to particularly draw to your attention as they will frame how you approach your swim.

  1. Swimmers must swim continuously for the given period. You may take deep water feeds from a jetty. Once you exit the water your event will have concluded at that point.
  1. Swimmers may wear a wetsuit or swim non-wetsuit.
  1. Swimmers MUST provide one buddy (over the age of 18) to assist with feeds and general dry side support.
  1. The event will provide water safety and first aid cover. If you wish to be accompanied in the water by a support craft other than our own you must notify us in advance.
  1. Night swimmers must use illumination (such as an avalanche light) this is NOT provided by the event.
  1. Once you have confirmed your place, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.

Event synopsis

“The Qualifier” – 5th May 2019

The Qualifier will offer swimmers with the choice of three events.

  • 6 hour endurance swim (daytime 12:30-18:30)
  • 2 hour endurance swim (daytime 12:30-14:30)
  • 2 hour Night Swim (up to 2 hours 20:30-22:30)

These events will be an opportunity to do what it says on the tin (subject to temperature) undertake a ratified qualification swim that will serve as an English Channel Qualifying swim.

We expect the temperature to be around 13-14c, regardless of the realised temperature of the water on the day the event will be going ahead. Of course if the water temperature is above 15.5c then the swim cannot be used for qualification but for training only. If the water temperature is significantly lower than our anticipated 13-14c some swimmers may well wish to reconsider their 6 or 2 hour attempts.

In order to support swimmers at the event we will have a full water safety and dry land event crew. We request that you bring a member of dry land crew with you to prepare your feeds. However, water based crew are not required. Rewarming facilities and catering are both available on site.

Please note that this event will be a continuous swim with deep water feeds. If you need to leave the water then your event will conclude at that point.

In keeping with our community approach these events will be available to all. They are open to skins and wetsuit swimmers alike. Hang on we hear you cry! Yes yes, we know, if you are in a wetsuit its not a qualifier. No problem with that – we agree but we are welcoming to all and it gives those who are starting out on their endurance swimming journeys an opportunity in a safe and supportive environment to have a go at endurance for the first time. Indeed there may not be many swimmers who wish to use this as an actual opportunity to “Q” but simply just for training instead. Heck its a great opportunity to come and have a really long swim in a safe and supportive environment.

In the evening we will provide a short night swim (2 hours) on a limited circuit to provide you with the experience of swimming at night. Once again this is available to non wetsuit and wetsuit swimmers. If feeling comfortable with swimming at night is something that you want to get to grips with then this is the one for you! This event is designed to boost your confidence whilst providing you with an opportunity to learn the skills required to swim at night.

Event – Outline Information

  • Your aim is to complete a continuous swim of 6 or 2 hours (or 2 hour night swim)
  • The course will be an 800m loop indicated by large illuminated buoys
  • Swimmers will set off together and swim at their own pace to their own schedule.
  • There will be one controlled ingress and egress point only for all swimmers
  • You can feed from the jetty provided
  • You may wear any channel approved swim suit – or wetsuit.
  • You may not be naked
  • You must wear the swim hat provided.
  • You may swim any stroke or combination of strokes.
  • Swimmers must be respectful of each other in and out of the water
  • Children must be supervised by parents at all times.
  • Numbers in the Qualifier 6 / 2hour and night swim are strictly limited.
  • All swimmers take part knowing that they take full responsibility for their actions, have satisfied themselves of their fitness, have taken all reasonable steps to prepare for the challenge and understand that neither the organisers nor anyone connected with the event, accept responsibility for swimmer health and well-being, before, during or after the event. The organisers will however, take all reasonable risk factors into account in order to maintain a well-run and safe environment for you to undertake the event.

Event – Swimmers will be provided with;

  • Changing rooms & warm room
  • Toilet facilities & showers
  • Access to hot drinks & catering
  • Water safety & First aid
  • Event T shirt & completion certificate

Open Water Swimming – Endurance Festival

Sunday 5th May 2019

Entry Fees

Please confirm your place by registering online with SwimYourSwim making full payment using the event registration page. Your place is not secured until payment is received in full.

Please click on any of the links below to enter –

Cost of Entry

6 Hour Qualifier £45

2 Hour Qualifier £30

Night Swim £30