What have you done today? iSWAM!


We are excited to announce the launch of our new iSWAM brand…  We believe that if you have completed a swim challenge – whether it’s your first outdoor swim, your first mile or an event that you’ve entered and completed – you need to declare your achievement to the world!  You need to tell everyone “iSWAM!”

We think that our ‘iSWAM’ t-shirts are an ideal way of telling the world, and doing it in style!

iSWAM t-shirts are available from our online store which you can find here

There is an alternative way of getting an iSWAM t-shirt, and that’s by completing one of the SYS swim events that occur throughout the year.  We give every one of the attending swimmers a free iSWAM t-shirt… to get yours by doing one of our events – you can sign up here

Have you swum today?  Start telling the world now by joining the iSWAM Facebook group too!

What have you done today?  iSWAM…