Windermere Solo Slots Open


Fancy swimming one of the most iconic open swims in the UK?

Windermere, England’s longest lake at 10.5miles, is set in the heart of the Lake District, which provides some incredible scenery as you swim from Fell Foot, at the southern end of the lake, to Waterhead, Ambleside, at the northern tip.

Swimyourswim have a proven track record of Windermere swims and are now offering solo one-way swims during the summer of 2018.

Swimmers will be escorted along the swim with powered safety boats, and experienced crew – so the swim is tailored to your speed and ability.*

The team on the boat are there to provide your pre-made feeds and support you during what can be between a 5 and 8 hour swim.

You will be met by the safety team, at a pre-arranged place and time (weather dependant), and taken to the start point.  At the end of your swim, you will then be returned to where you were collected from.

Swims can be done in either wetsuit or ‘skins’ (Channel Swim Rules)

Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM below to save your place on this swim. Your place will NOT be confirmed until full payment has been received.

Once you have registered and paid for your place on this swim, the SYS team will be in touch with a SYS Event Pack with a few more details about the swim and a mini training plan to help you get ready for the event.

Open water swimming is a serious sport with a number of risks involved.  SYS will need to ensure that all swimmers meet the right levels of open-water swimming competency, and that there is no medical reason as to why a swimmer should not participate.

SYS reserve the right to bar a swimmer from taking part, before and/or during the event, should they feel that a swimmer is unable to complete the swim without endangering themselves or others.  Should a swimmer be barred from the event there would be NO return of fees already paid.

In the event of the swim being cancelled due to poor weather conditions or other incidents that are beyond the control of the SYS team, SYS will endeavour to re-arrange the swim at another time in the year**.

Once a swim has been booked no refunds will be available, but your place may be transferable to another swimmer who meets all the SYS swim criteria.  If you have to relinquish your place please contact us immediately on

Solo slots available dates, please click on the link for registration –

Monday 13th August

Tuesday 14th August

Wednesday 15th August

Thursday 16th August

Friday 17th August

Monday 20th August – Booked

Tuesday 21st August

Wednesday 22nd August

Your place on the swim will not be confirmed until full payment is received by SYS.  Should you be unable to make the full payment two weeks before the swim, your place may be offered to someone else.

* We suggest that for a successful swim you should be used to swimming in open water at temperatures of between 14ºC and 16ºC, and be able to maintain a swim speed of no less that 2.5km/hr, over several hours! If you need help training for this swim please get in touch:
**SYS will do their VERY best to re-run swims that have to be called off for these reasons but there is no guarantee that this can be achieved within the same year.  We would hate for an event/swim to be completely cancelled, but think it best that you know there is a chance of this happening from the outset.  Refunds in this instance would be at the discretion of the SYS team.  For more information please email us on