Adventures with the Gladmiral team at the Langdale Chase…

Last week the team from Swimyourswim teamed up with Thomas Noblett and Andrew Tighe of the Langdale Chase Hotel, Windermere to host the Gladmiral kids for a day of water-based fun and adventure up in the Lake District.

SYSgladmiral01Gladmiral is a small charity, started by the management of the Langdale Chase (a non-tipping hotel), which aims to inspire disadvantaged children through swimming.  Thomas and Andrew, and the staff at the hotel, have teamed up with us at Swimyourswim to engage with young people and give them the opportunity to learn how to swim, and then experience open water swimming…

We were thrilled to see the 20 young people, and their carers – all from the South Yorkshire area – come and have a fantastic day on the water.  With scavenger hunts, wild swimming in Windermere, kayaking, powerboat rides and a fantastic buffet lunch, the kids thoroughly enjoyed their day – they didn’t want to get out of the water to go home!!!

Gladmiral-WindermereAugust2015-01-small Gladmiral-WindermereAugust2015-02-small

Some of the young people we have been working with had NEVER even seen a swimming pool before we started working with them – it’s hard to believe really, but some of these children have come from some very challenging situations.  It has been such a privilege to see the transformation of ALL the children – to see their skills and confidence in the water develop so that they can now all swim has been a real honour.

We’ll keep you posted about our future partnership with Gladmiral – we love being involved and seeing the children become wild-swimmers!

If you would like to donate to the Galdmiral fund, please get in touch with team at the Langdale Chase Hotel.