Definition of a Swim Buddy…

As we draw near to the winter swim club sessions we need to be a little bit clearer on what attributes a winter swim buddy needs, unfortunately Angela is a little confused and thought these two, errm ‘people’ would be ok.




The water temperature is dropping nicely, so now’s the time to start buttering up your partners, family members or responsible person in your bubble to become your swim buddy on a Saturday session. This will help ensure you leave us in good order and able to return home fit and well. Please make sure you are complying with current rules on socialising between households. Winter swim club and our buddy system starts on Saturday 24th October, you can book your place via the wix app using the invite code P8XMCA if you’re not already registered or by visiting our booking website














We will have winter swim coaches available if you are really stuck, but these places are strictly limited.

Whilst maintaining social distancing they can monitor you and offer advice, but not help dress or aid you in any other way other than to make sure you are ok to leave us.

You will need to email info@swimyourswim to arrange this prior to the session.  If you use our winter swim coaches you are agreeing to abide by SYS’s decision as to when it is safe for you to leave site and travel home.