Ice Mile Qualifier Swim – Swim Pics

A huge thank you and well done to everyone that took part in yesterday’s Ice Mile qualifier swim. A special mention must go to Sophie, who at 18 years old travelled alone from Bristol to complete her qualifying swim with us, you left the team in awe.

With a 100% success rate we had lots of happy faces and a very sociable shiver club in the cafe after the swim.

The qualifier was completed in 6.9ºC water with a very bracing -1ºC air temperature. The circuit around DCLT’S Hatfield Outdoor Activity Centre’s crystal clear lake was 1250m for the above temperature. This comprised of one long course loop and two smaller short course circuits.

Mel Holland led the way with a stonking 19m & 5s swim, this was followed with all times in between and up to, a massively impressive 56m & 25s. Everyone that got into the water yesterday was a hero and should justifiably feel very proud of their achievement in completing this swim.

The swimmers were looked after by our amazing team of volunteers on safety, admin and recovery who did a fantastic job as always, thank you!.

Here are some pics of the qualifier, apologies if we’ve missed you out, Barbara had two jobs yesterday ( we like to keep her busy and away from the coffee ).


Nb: wetsuits swimmers were taking part in our social swim and not participating in the qualifier.