Ice Mile Season Has Arrived



Thanks to a massive team of volunteers today, and subject to ratification, we saw 4 new ice miles being completed at Hatfield this morning in 4.1ºC water.


The successful Ice Milers were Erin Hope, Catherine Pendleton, and to our knowledge the first mother and daughter duo Heidi and Vicki Brice. Also on the long course today was David Coxell who completed a 1500m swim and we look forward to welcoming him back in February.


The swimmers recovered well and completed their swims strongly, all finishing under 40 minutes.




These events are only possible because of the team of dedicated swimmers and volunteers who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Today’s event was a huge success and we’re really proud of the new ice milers. in recognition of all the help today I would like to say a big thank you to the following people –


Safety Crew

Ray Smith, Chris Greenwood, Joe Thomas, Mike Bullivant, Paul Holmes, Stuart Livingstone.

Recovery Team

Donna Livingstone, Roz Hather, Catherine Atkinson, Jane Mintoft, Telle Tubby, Chris Hill, Diane Forest, Angela Davison & Kayla Dobson.

Centre Support

Jess & Chantelle

Video & Photographs

Fiona McDonald Woods


Jane Crosby

Organisation, Admin, Laminatting and all round good elf

Dobby ( Alison Howard )