Join us in the December SWIMTAG Challenge



Not content with swimming across the English Channel earlier this year, SwimYourSwim coach Ray Smith has just completed the virtual Swimtag challenge of swimming the length of the Bosporous Channel in a record breaking 4 days (previously completed in 8 days).



The swim is 34k and just over 500 swimmers have signed up to the challenge with approximately 211 completing it.



So in the run up to the 100x100m event at Aston on the 30th of December, we’re inviting you to join us on the next virtual challenge of swimming the Catalina Strait.

Its approximately 32k and the challenge will start on the 1st of December and finish on the 30th of December.

Its not a race, its just the opportunity of joining like minded swimmers in a fun challenge and hopefully be good motivation to get in the pool.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to join us ….

  1. Log onto the Swimtag app (you will need to be a member of a pool thats running the Swimtag system, you can check their website for a pool in your area by clicking here).
  2. Then click on the world icon and join the Catalina Strait challenge, setting the dates 1st December – 30th December as your parameter to complete the swim in.
  3. Next, add Leon Fryer as your swim mate into the challenge where myself and the swimyourswim team will be waiting to swim with you.
  4.  If your pool doesn’t have the Swimtag system don’t worry, you can forward your Garmin and Suunto swim information to and we’ll log them for you, adding you to the swim post at the end of December.


If its popular we’ll host another Swimtag swim challenge in January.


Good Luck!