Preparing for Winter Swimming – Correction & Update

Hi Everyone

There was a small inaccuracy in our last post in relation to breathing and cold shock response, we’re very happy to make the correction and our thanks to Sharon Elliot for highlighting the issue.

Our amended paragraph is as follows –


Controlled Breathing

    • Breathing rate changes dramatically when immersed in cold water
    • A normal adult breathing rate is between 12-20 breaths per minute (bpm), cold water shock or cold shock response can increase this bpm dramatically resulting in a disruption to the normal breathing processes with a rate above 20 bpm. 
    • All these responses contribute to a feeling of panic making it more difficult to manage your breathing
    • Controlling your breathing is critical in ensuring your cold water response is minimised.
    • Again – The effects of cold water shock on the body lasts at most, three to four minutes so relax take deep controlled breathes and enjoy the scenery


Our apologies for any confusion caused.