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Winter Swim Club 2017

The Winter Swim Club a 6 session course designed to safely introduce and acclimatise you to open water swimming at low (winter) temperatures (varying from approximately 12ºC down to 5ºC).  If you have NEVER swum in winter-temperature open water WE RECOMMEND completing the WINTER SWIM CLUB course before swimming in water under 12ºC, but the course is NOT COMPULSORY at our venues. We… Read more →

A New Open Water Venue at Thrybergh Country Park…

Swimyourswim are very excited to announce a new open water swimming venue will be opening from Saturday 1st April 2017.  Thrybergh Country Park in Rotherham, will be open for swimming on Saturdays from 2-4pm and Wednesday evenings  from 6-8pm. All swims will be run by the Swimyourswim team, who provide professional open water coaching and safety at all their venues.  Swimmers… Read more →