Alistair’s Channel Solo 2015


In September 2015 Alistair, one of the founding coaches of Swimyourswim, will be attempting to swim the English Channel SOLO.

His aim, other than swimming through 21 miles of one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world in ‘skins’, in sea at an average temperature of 15-17ºC, is to raise money in support of Links International a charity who, amongst many other projects, work on providing safe water systems to communities across the world.

Alistair explained, “I love the concept of swimming through the muck and grime of the English Channel in order to raise money that will provide safe water.  That’s why we’re calling the challenge ‘#swimforsafewater‘.”

It’s amazing to think that every day we have the ability to simply turn a tap to get fresh, clean water – we probably take it very much for granted.

Sadly though, there are still some people in the world who are not able to do this – and many of them are dying as a result.

Here’s the thing – you and I can make a REAL difference – there IS the technology and ability to STOP this and give communities access to clean water.

Alistair is doing his bit by swimming the Channel – PLEASE would you consider supporting him, giving whatever you can?

Every £1 can make such a BIG difference…

Check out Alistair’s virginmoneygiving site and and join the #swimforsafewater team.

Thank you!