Bala 2019 – Wet but not so windy

The weekend saw the team setting up in Wales for our fifth annual Swim Bala event, this year saw a reduced number of swimmers taking part ( rearranged swim date & date clashes with the Welsh triathlon and GNS ) however, the weekend definitely didn’t disappoint.


Starting line up, all finished safely.


With forecast high winds and the almost ever present rain it was heartwarming to see every swimmer complete their swim safely, all finished with huge smiles on their faces, even the amazing kayak and safety boat crews were smiling as the winds stayed away and the conditions were near perfect ( ok, it rained non stop but apart from that..)


Escort home for the last swimmer.


We would like to thank everyone involved from the amazing swimmers, to the very damp admin team, to the soaking wet kayakers and drenched safety boat crew and lastly but not least to Arwel and Simon the Lake Rangers for their help in arranging this years swim.

A fantastic group of people who have helped deliver a superb, safe event for swimmers to experience the awesome  swim that is Llyn Tegid.


Here are some pictures from the day, it was a bit wet so not as many as we would have liked but I think we’ve got everyone.