Coniston 2019 – Job Done

Coniston 2019 has almost, without doubt, been the best and busiest swims we have had the privilege of overseeing. With perfect weather and near mirror flat water, everything was in the swimmers favour on Saturday.

With only one withdrawal due to a shoulder niggle (we hope you’ll be back next year) all of the remaining swimmers took full advantage of the conditions and finished with a smile on their face.

These events wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of the event support teams many of whom have swum the lake themselves. They are fantastic at ensuring the swimmers in their care are looked after and get the most out of their day, a huge thank you to you all, same time next year?.

We always run our events as experience swims rather than races and that allowed everyone to take the time to enjoy the stunning scenery that surrounds Coniston [ there were quite a few jealous support crew around as the weather when they swam the lake wasn’t anywhere near as perfect ]

I think the smiles say it all but I’ll leave the final words to Pete Taylor one of our swimmers from Saturday who sent me this lovely message .. “Thank you so much for doing this, that was definitely one of my favourite swims”.