Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Everyone

To help you navigate the new systems a little more smoothly here are a few of the most frequently asked questions –


Q. How do I sign up?

A.  You can download the Wix app using our invite code P8XMCA. Once you’ve dowloaded the app please complete the membership form and then book your swim.


Q. How do I change my booking?

A. You can only reschedule your booking via the website simply log in and click the head icon in the top right corner, then click on “My Bookings” and the reschedule option will be at the far right of your existing booking. 


Q. Can I swap my bookings between venues?

A. Sorry, not at the moment.


Q. If I cancel will I get a refund?

A. If you cancel before the 48hr cut off period yes, but please consider rescheduling first, as cancelling adds additional administration time.


Q. I haven’t got a refund yet?

A. Please make sure your PayPal address is in your name, if it is in your maiden name or the name of your favourite pet or even your partners name, we cannot trace you and your refund will go into our holding account.


Q. Whats on the cone?

A.  Jonty’s leg, try and keep up.


Q. Can I book multiple people on a session.

A. No sorry, we need each person to have their own profile so we have their emergency contact information and the ability to trace every swimmer. 


Q. I did not receive a Wix update regarding a session.

A. Please make sure you enter your name and telephone number when you register, this will help us contact you if a session is cancelled in the event of bad weather. You can edit your profile if you haven’t already done so.


Q. My name isn’t appearing on the check in sheets?

A. Please edit your Wix profile to show your full name, the default will be your embarrassing email address you’ve had since you were 13 .


Q. I cannot reset my profile password.

A. There is a small glitch in the system for some people, if this happens please contact me via Wix and I will reset your profile. Please make sure you have completed the membership form on the website first though as this may be the problem.


Q, Do I have to wear a swim cap?

A. Yes please, this helps our safety team keep you safe when they’re spotting. No white or dark colours though, only nice bright swim caps please. We have them available to buy or borrow ( borrowed caps are worn once per session and then sanitised in accordance with our amended Covid policy ). 


Q. Whats the temperature? 

A. 29ºC. Trust me.


Q. The wetsuit booking site ( ) doesn’t match my session time.

A. Don’t worry, as long as the date is right your wetsuit will be waiting for you. Children’s wetsuits are available free of charge with limited availability.


Q. I have booked an iTOWS course ( )  do I need to book via wix as well?

a. No, you’re registered on another system so no need to do anything else.


See you soon 🙂