Ice Miles – 2020 Update

Usually at this time of year we start to think about the forthcoming ice mile season. Due to the current pandemic we have had to review our processes.

Sadly and with huge regret, we have decided that we cannot provide our usual high level of care supporting swimmers to undertake an ice mile attempt, whilst maintaining adequate social distancing.

Our main consideration, especially over winter, is safety, both that of the potential ice miler and our support crews. We understand that everyone’s perception of risk is different, but we believe that the increased risk of infection via close contact during the recovery and redressing process, or in the event of an emergency, would prevent us from operating a Covid-secure environment for both swimmers or support crews.

We are aiming to commence our ice mile season in December 2021, at which time we hope there will be a better understanding of how to control the virus and how to minimise the risk of transmission in a warm enclosed area that is required for a safe ice mile recovery.

I understand that many of you who have been waiting to complete your ice mile attempts will be frustrated and we understand that frustration fully, ice miles are our speciality and having to remove this service from our calendar is upsetting.  That said the ice will be there next season and we look forward to helping you achieve your goal when it is safe to do so.

We want to keep you safe, we want to keep you healthy, we want to protect ourselves – so our families and yours, stay safe. Removing unnecessary contact will help us to do that.

Both myself and the whole team at SYS look forward to seeing you in due course. Stay well and enjoy the ice safely.


We will be running our Winter Swim Club from October and will release more information on how this will operate shortly.