Open Water Coaching – Drone Swim Analysis

Open Water Coaching just got better…


Utilising new drone technology we are now able to offer our swimmers 1-1 drone footage to analyse and improve their swimming technique.



How do we do this?

The tagged swimmer will make their way around the 800m course and will be filmed in sections at each stage of the circuit, this gives our Swimyourswim coach Stuart Livingstone a true reflection of the swimmers natural stroke and body position, once they have relaxed into their normal swimming habit.

This has the advantage over endless pools which create a forced unnatural element into the stroke, making the drone footage a more reliable tool to correct stroke issues.

On completion of your swim we will discuss your technique, and apply the required drills to help improve your stroke and efficiency.

We will then ask you to complete a further 800m swim after which footage can then be compared and will be available for you to review. We will then discuss the coaching options and improvement   techniques if required, to make you a more efficient swimmer.


Continual development

Your swim will then be uploaded onto our secure You Tube page or downloaded onto a memory stick for your continued viewing and progress monitoring.


Booking Your Place

To book your 1-1 slot please click here selecting your date from the calendar and following the registration link.

The Drone Analysis sessions will be on a Tuesday evenings between 6.15pm and 7.15pm and Saturday mornings between 8.15 and 9.15 at Hatfield.


Any questions please email