Super 6 (ice miles)

We’ve been kept waiting for the water temperature to fall and the wait was definitely worth it!. Today saw 6 ice milers (subject to ratification) complete the ultimate winter swimming challenge the “Ice Mile”.

First away was our plucky colonial friend Nick Hungerford who completed his swim in 34m.48s claiming his second ice mile. Nick has very kindly commissioned the Hatfield Ice Mile Badge which will be given to every successful Hatfield Ice Miler ( if you haven’t got yours yet please pick one up at the desk ).

Second Away was returning Hatfield Ice Miler Nikki Pope who knocked a phenomenal 12 minutes off of last years Ice Mile time, finishing in 50m.12s. Nikki you deserve a medal the size of a dustbin lid.

Third away was Sophia Nash who swam a silky smooth mile in 40m.07s continually monitoring the boat crew for changes in course with superb awareness all the way through her swim. Sophia once ratified will become the second of only two ice iron women in the world. Sophia is currently the front runner for the most stylish and composed exit after an ice mile, the complete polar opposite of her entrance. Her partner had prepared this fantastic memento of her extraordinary achievement.

Fourth in the sub 5ºC water was James Allen (Sir) who completed his mile in 49m.32s, joining the small club of UK breaststroke ice mile swimmers, the third we have assisted if memory serves us right. James wins the most interesting hat award, the most interesting sock award was already claimed by Nick.

Fifth swimmer in was Karen Ennis who completed her icy swim in 42m.23s adding to her amazing charity total. Keep going Karen and if we can help you achieve your final figure with another crazy idea ( 26.2 event ) let us know.

Our Sixth ice miler today was the amazing Canadian Tim Fletcher who completed his ice mile in 29m.59s after missing out on his slot last week due to “warm” water. Tim’s swim and recovery were both outstanding. We warmly welcome him to the international ice milers club at SYS.

As always a huge thank you to all of the support team who worked tiredlessly to ensure that everyone was looked after today and to Deb Tyler and Keri – anne Payne who join last weeks Erin Hope and Mike Alexander in completing their Winter CPD Course, I think it’ll be a long time before Tim stops telling his” Keri – anne Payne put my socks on” story.

Warm up well everyone and remember, everything you eat today is calorie free!.