Swimming Your Swim – The Ladies Behind The Picture

Here’s the story behind the picture, thanks to Sarah, Heather, Kate and especially Emily for the painting.
Enjoy the read…
“Swimming your Swim”
Sarah, Kate and Heather, aka the Dawn Dippers, an indomitable trio whose shared passion for the open water makes everyone smile who sees them together.
“I first met Kate at a Christmas bookshop event” says Sarah. “I’d missed a window that summer to start and she offered to take me as she had just started.
I had my first outdoor swim on New Years Day 2019. It was 5.7degrees almost an ice swim. I’ve been hooked ever since! Kate and Heather shared a swim on Christmas Eve.
Since then we’ve been three. It’s been a solid and very special trio and friendship! We always say that we have never got out of cold water wishing we hadn’t got in! It’s about more than just the swim as we look out for each other in and out of the water.
For me these two women have brought about a boost in my body image and self confidence. Two great great friends I have in these women through our love of swimming.”
The second picture was taken in Barbrook! Nicely done ladies….
It’s true…this particular swim club gives a very powerful nod to friendship. Well done @swimyourswim
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